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Currently listening to the sound of your favorite song, thinking about you deep down inside and your voice keep on my playing in my minds, it making me cray. ts been awhile  since the last time we talked each other. Its been awhile since the last time we text each other. Damn it, i miss it all of it. The memories seem hard to be forget. But its okay. As you can see, Im doing fine these days, well i guess. I hope yo're doing fine too. Im not regretting for all the things that we've had together, and im currently letting go all the memories. Eventhough i know how much i have to goodbyes, theres one quote that makes me believe in goodbyes. It says 'Its sad. But sometimes moving on  with the rest of your life, start with goodbye.' Yes, I do believe in those quote. Maybe its time to forget, time to move on and living on my life., but somehow, telling goodbye can hurt you, badly. By the time now, i guess you must have noticed my absence in your life  and that i am longer among those who will always be beside you. You must be noticed and thought that i had abandoned you more than ever since i am never coming back.  I don't want to think about the past, my horrible past. I couldn't take it anymore. I wonder what you saw in me, some toys that you can play with? It droves me crazy. There is so much pain in my heart as i write this. If you have picture, i hope you won't rip it, i hope you never let me go, i hope you don't hate me. Please do not cry. I did not break your heart or drives you to choose the same fate as i myself, did. I hope you will let go all the memories, the past. Don't serach for me. Because if you do,you will cry and i don't want you to cry.