Nothing to story, It just a story :)
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Hai Assalamualaikum. Its been so long I've don't updating my blog. Miss me huh? Yeah, I know. Hahaha n_nv
So, how's your day guise? Okay huh? Sound good. Yeah, me too. My days be more complete day by day with my Amir Shahril :* Oh ya, today entry just a short entry because I have no idea what to updated! --'

Firstly, just nak cakap sorry sebab dah lama tak update blog. Being so busy laa. Ugh -.- with my geografi and sejarah folio. Brb, faint *jatuh* Hahaha. No just joking. Lol. Even saya busy mana pun kan, I never forget my baby Facebook and my baby Twitter. Aumm >< Oh, another my baby, Muhammad Amir Shahril bin Ahmad Rizal :* Hihi. Hey, korang ada rasa something yang weird tak? Saya speaking harinie. Haha lol. Saje je nak update dalam BI because aku baca blog tweetfamous semua update dalam BI. Nak jugak en............K. Haha. Btw, this is just a short entry. Bye, Happy reading everyone! :-* Assalamualaikum.